Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my husband join in a few shots, and is there an extra cost?

A: Of course! Our rates are all-inclusive, so there's no extra charge for additional participants. Feel free to include your husband or anyone else you'd like in your photoshoot experience.

Q: Which location in Santorini do you recommend for the photoshoot?

A: I highly recommend Imerovigli village for your photoshoot. It's a hidden gem of Santorini with breathtaking views, including charming blue domes, all within walking distance. You'll love the tranquil atmosphere away from the big crowds.

Q: What time is best for photos?

A: Santorini offers stunning photo opportunities throughout the day, but my recommendation is to schedule your photoshoot in the morning if possible. This allows us to avoid the heat and crowds, ensuring a more comfortable and serene experience while capturing beautiful moments against the backdrop of this breathtaking island.

Q: Do you offer 30-minute mini photoshoots?

A: While we understand the appeal of a quick session, rushing isn't our style. Therefore, we only offer complete photoshoots starting from one hour. This ensures that we can deliver a high-quality product that exceeds your expectations and captures all the special moments you deserve.

Q: How far in advance should I book?

A: It's best to book as early as possible to secure your preferred date and time. Popular dates tend to fill up quickly, so don't wait too long to reserve your spot!

Q: How can I make a booking?

A: Booking is easy! You can reserve your spot through our website's contact form here, via email or or by sending us a direct message on Instagram. We may require a deposit to secure your booking.

Q: How many photos will I receive?

A: You'll receive around 60 photos per hour of the photoshoot, but rest assured, there's no limit to the number of amazing shots you'll receive!

Q: When and how will I receive my photos?

A: Your photos will be delivered within 15 days after the photoshoot via a Dropbox cloud service. They'll be high-quality and watermark-free, ready for you to cherish and share.

Q: I don't want to wait 15 days. What can we do?

A: We understand that you're eager to receive your edited photos promptly. To accommodate your request, we offer a next-day editing service for an additional fee of 50 euros. This ensures that you can enjoy your beautifully edited photos sooner, allowing you to share your memories without delay.

Q: Are the flying dresses adjustable for different sizes?

A: Absolutely! Our dresses are adjustable and suitable for various sizes. We'll provide you with a size chart to ensure the perfect fit.

Q: Where can I pick my dress?

A: You can conveniently select your dress from our online digital catalog available on the website. Simply browse through our collection, choose your desired dress, and let us know your selection. We'll ensure it's ready for you on the day of your photoshoot!

Q: Can I try multiple dresses and decide afterward?

A: Due to hygiene reasons, trying on multiple dresses before the shoot isn't possible.

Q: Does the flying dress photoshoot include a stylist assistant?

A: Yes, it does! All our flying dress photoshoots include a female stylist assistant at no extra charge. They'll ensure your dress looks perfect and assist you throughout the session.

Q: What does the stylist assistant do?

A: Our stylist assistant plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable flying dress photoshoot experience. They will assist you in wearing the dress correctly and will be present throughout the session to help manage the dress and ensure it looks flawless in every shot. Additionally, upon request, they can capture backstage videos and slow-motion footage to enhance the overall results of your session, adding an extra touch of magic to your memories.

Q: Can I wear both the flying dress and my outfit during one session?

A: Absolutely! You're welcome to change outfits during the photoshoot. We provide a private changing room for your convenience.

Q: Is transportation included in the price?

A: Transportation costs are not included in our packages, but we can help you arrange a ride with our partner transfer service if needed.

Q: What is the private blue dome terrace option?

A: The private blue dome terrace is an exclusive area within a hotel that we can rent for your photoshoot. It offers a unique opportunity to capture stunning angles of the iconic blue domes of Santorini without the hustle and bustle of crowds. Rest assured, you'll have breathtaking photos with the iconic blue domes regardless of the location. Confirmation of the location will be provided one day before the photoshoot, as this is subject to availability due to being within a hotel premises.

Q: Is hair and makeup included in the price?

A: Hair and makeup services are not included, but we've secured a special deal with our partner exclusively for our clients.

Q: Are oil products allowed?

A: We recommend avoiding body oil, perfumes, or any products that may stain our dresses. Opting for oil-free lotion is a better choice to keep your dress looking perfect.

If you have any inquiries or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to help, and I'll do my best to get back to you promptly, usually within 12 hours.

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