Photographer in Santorini

Turn your Santorini vacation into an unforgettable experience by booking a flying dress photoshoot. I’ll guide you to all the hidden gems that the Santorini island has to offer while capturing unparalleled photographs in style.

First time having photos taken by a photographer in Santorini? No worries. My stylist assistant, Anastasia, will ensure your flying dress looks flawless on you, and I will guide you through poses to make you feel comfortable and confident.

Yannis Vysotsky — Professional Photographer in Santorini

I’m more than just a professional photographer in Santorini, I’m a storyteller. My camera is my tool for narrating your unique story against the stunning backdrop of the sea, traditional Greek architecture, and the vibrant Greek sun. Together with my dedicated assistant, we harness the best light and craft the perfect setting for each shot.

Let’s create something beautiful together. I look forward to capturing your unforgettable moments on this magical island.

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